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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture bringing you styles that fit your price and budget. getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: got some breaking news. a cuyahoga judge approved a $6 million settlement in the shooting the city of cleveland entered into agreement with the rice family in connection with the 12-year-old's death. the city will pay $3 million this year and $3 million in 2017 according to the terms of the settlement reached in april. >> mark: his death sparked protests in the city of north carolina. >> it is my opinion officer vinson acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott.
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scott's family says this won't stop them. >> this doesn't end our inquiry. >> there will be no charges filed against a north carolina police officer who shot and killed a man in an apartment complex in september. >> both men in this case are black. the prosecutors said the man was armed and the officer's actions were justified. cbs danielle nottingham has details. >> charlotte-mecklenburg district attorney andrew murray announced there will be no officer brantly vinson for the september shooting death of keith lamont scott. murray assembled a team to review all the evidence. >> 15 career prosecutors and their recommendation was unanimous. >> surveillance video of scott from a convenience store captured minutes before the incident shows a bulge consistent with the ankle holster and gun later recovered at the scene despite his wife's insistence that scott was not
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>> reporter: the prosecutor says scott's dna was found on the weapon which murray said was cocked and had a round in the chamber. >> none of the video recordings. the dash cam, body worn camera or mrs. scott's cell phone video captured mr. scott's hands. >> the prosecutor met with the scott family to explain his decision. lawyers say they appreciated that conversation. they have not yet decided whether to file cich they confronted keith. how they reactedded to the information that he had a brain injury and whether they used appropriation deescalation techniques. >> the shooting sparked days of sometimes violent protests. the family urged anyone thinking about protesting now to do so peacefully and lawfully. danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> mark: danielle, thank you.
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disagreement about the purchase of a gun. scott was an excon not allowed to have a gun. >> men and women of the f.b.i. are part of this great community and we will be with you united as we move forward together. we are all buckeye strong. >> we are learning more this afternoon about the osu attacker and received abdul razak artan's preliminary medical report. the cause of death is a gunshot wound to chris tanaka has the latest on the investigation. >> chris: law enforcement held a news conference revealing they are trying to get a clear picture of events leading up to the attack. artan may have been inspired by isis it is too soon to draw conclusions. so far they have done dozens of interviews with family, neighbors, coworkers and others and they know artan bought a knife at a wal-mart and they have surveillance video from
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campus. there's still a lot of holes that need to be filled in. >> it is the time between the purchase and arrival on campus that we want to fill in and we want the public help to tell us if they saw something, what did they see, what time it was and help us fill in the time line. >> we ask anyone with credible information about artan's whereabouts monday morning prior to the attack monday morning to call >> right now police and the f.b.i. are trying to figure out why the attack happened on the ohio state university campus and why the street and building for any clues artan may have left behind and for allen horujko who took down artan is reportedly in good spirits and concerned for the victims. we continue to get answers on the attack. allison brunner looking on how those in the osu community can
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classroom days after the attack at ohio state university. healing takes time and discipline and putting down our cell phones. i talked with an expert who explained how to help along this process. >> aftershock, strong emotions rise. >> i put my arm around him and tell him he has a lot to cope with in the days to come and he has to live with this the rest of his life. >> a social work supervisor at our brain needs time to heal after an incident like what happened at ohio state university. >> a lot of times, emotional scars last longer than physical. >> started shouting immediately and i couldn't hear what they said but panic shouting. >> when trying to find hope and healing after a tragedy it is important to remember this. >> don't try to ask why. don't try to question what happened. >> we may never find out and we will have a lot more information.
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detail of the story. reliving the incident in our imagination is actually working against the healing process instead of helping it. >> don't rewatch the news over and over again to reexperience the traumatic situation you experienced. >> she also says we need to look out for our own well-being. >> therapy, relaxation and taking care of ourselves and being patient. >> lastly, don't try to escape the pain that follows tragedy. >> if you don't address the issues you are facing them it can compound and turn into bigger issues. >> and we passed on a help hotline on just click on the story. >> allison brunner cleveland 19. >> thank you. look for updates on this story through the cleveland 19 news app and news conferences and more. plus keep connected through social media pages. some are waiting to hear
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ones in wildfires that scorched through gatlinburg, tennessee. 4 people reported dead and smoky mountains it left people injured and 250 buildings in the county are said to be damaged or destroyed. dan deroos at the answer center to show us what's burned. dan? >> in fact, the information is still coming in. i believe we have a live news conference from gatlinburg where they are and we will take a listen in and hear what they have for the latest update. >> we will allow them and try to speed up that process so these folks can get unemployment compensation as quickly as possible and as we are aware it is vital to folks as they move
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with the commerce and insurance department for the state of tennessee yesterday and we will have a focal point for insurance companies to be. where folks whose businesses and homes destroyed or damaged by the fire can go to one focal point and meet with the insurance and there will be adjustors and insurance companies are there to expedite the process for them getting started rebuilding. that will have a place. >> dan: we will jump out of it. they are dealing with basics. we are talking about hundreds of homes and businesses. it is a resort community. many from northeast ohio made the 8 hour drive down to the smoky mountains there. i want to show you some of the
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of people in northeast ohio know west gate smoky mountains before and here it is after. take a look at the absolute devastation. it was a gorgeous resort to begin with. >> let's get to the next one. a very famous restaurant alamo steakhouse. if you have ever visited you have probably eaten there. there it is before and here it is now. >> it is devastation down there. they are all tucked i mountain. what makes it beautiful is what makes it dangerous because it is stacked up. a lot of weddings happen in cupid's chapel of love and here it is on fire and it is completely destroyed. they will have a lot of work to do and hoping to get rain in the area to get rid of the wildfires. >> getting answers in the answer center, back to you. >> we will talk now about tornadoes in the south and
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alabama this morning. ryan gatlin took the video and didn't see the tornado but they certainly heard it. >> back at home, nothing like that. it is a gorgeous day around town, jeff? >> another day we hit 60 or better. look at what's moving through our western counties here. specifically lorain county and huron county a squall line of heavy rain. no thunder in here. no reports of thu tracking east elyria 4:15. westlake 4:25 and cleveland 4:45. this is the cold front. behind it, we will get a shot of colder air. i have an alert this evening for the showers once the line of heavier rain moves through and light showers now through 10 p.m. and wet roads in spots. >> cold enough that we are talking about a winter mix.
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out. >> no buses through bub square. cleveland mayor frank jackson made the announcement not long ago. >> harry boomer tells us the issue is on the table once again today. harry? >> mark and romona, 18,000 people a day are picked up and dropped off at public square. that is until a $50 million renovation took place. buses used to come down the middle of superior avenue and apparently, not >> we are always modifying it and moving on stops to best serve our needs. when we go to longer buses that need more curb space and the plan we put together was a good one. >> rta senior manager joe cal breeze at a meeting discussing his support of public square to bus traffic after a $50 million renovation. the decision supported by the mayor is the subject of hot
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$2.6 million a year to reroute buses around the square. zack reed says it is a potential feds will fine the city for breach of contract. >> we are sending to the federal government you gave us the authority to redesign public square with the agreement we would allow buses to go through public square and now we are saying to them we will not do it anymore. >> and that will $12 million. we know $19 million. >> reporter: a $12 million potential fine and add an $18 million hit at 2018. the federal government will stop sending federal subsidies to the city and rta and stand to lose $30 million then. that will be very, very hard for the city and rta to make up. live from public square, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: all right, harry. interesting getting through on a
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walking. >> more cleveland 19 news at
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. donald trump makes more cabinet picks. the president-elect getting closer to his positions naming wilbur ross to lead the commerce department and steven manuchin
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mr. trump tweeted he plans to step away from his business to run the country. they will hold a news conference december 15th to discuss this. >> now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> we are pinpointing the squall line right here. this is along the cold front that will bring us the colder air on the way here tomorrow. see this red color, pretty heavy we are not getting reports of thunder and it is approaching avon lake and lorain and approaching there's a 15, 20 minute where you will get a downpour. cleveland at about 4:52 is when that will be moving in.
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that's for sure as this continues to pass by. 61 in cleveland. look at the temperature drop. chicago 37. we get into a winter mix of stuff west of there. got the front and light rain behind it. we will deal with it this evening. >> there you go. that's the system. >> phase 2 with this. it will bring more rain. looking at future view. 7:00 tonight look at the got us dropping in the upper 30s in some cases. the rain-cooled air and holding steady in the mid to upper 30s as we go on through the night into the morning a little colder inland. now tomorrow it will be cold enough for lake-effect. can you see on future view rainfall as the squall line moves east we could be looking at heavier rain jefferson 3/4 as
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elsewhere around .2 of rain. now, tomorrow, yeah, with the west wind we will get lake-effect going here. look at that. see the pink color? that's a winter mix setting up mainly in lake and northern ashtabula county during the afternoon. may see wet snowflakes in part of the snowbelt. elsewhere, not much. a few showers and perhaps a little bit of sleet getting into some winter-li 39 the low tonight. evening showers windy and windy gusts over 25. akron-canton evening showers for you. the wind picks up a little bit. the low 38. tomorrow 41. a few showers and mixing in there. wind gusts over 30. the best opportunity of the rain and winter mix along the lakeshore and east of cleveland.
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only 40. that's quite the change. about a 20-degree difference from what we are seeing out there now. 41 tomorrow. 40 friday. >> notice we got the winter mix in the forecast. it will be light enough coverage not that great mainly lakeshore and east of cleveland no alerts. on sunday here comes the next system. >> mark: all right, jeff thank you. new reports say a rise in drone use could make way for a wave of drone-jackings by cyber criminals. many consumer drones lack security features making it easy for a hacker to take control. mcafee labs warns hackers are expected to go after drones for
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hobbyists flying for fun. amazon and u.p.s. plan to use drones for deliveries making it attractive for criminals. intel examines to see drone-jacking toolkits hit the black mark 2017. >> romona: passing time got more interesting. netflix is allowing users to watch videos off line. now can you binge watch on the bus or long flight or while you wait in line. today the streaming service announced members will be able to download movies and shows to watch later. the feature is free with memberships and make sure you have the most recent netflix app to the download button. binging cleveland 19 news now. fantastic. >> romona: that's a good idea. >> mark: trending today. >> romona: this ohio couple stopped traffic and made the
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore, yet another innovation,
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>> mark: now a look at what's trending an ohio's first dance. and amid the rubble in gatlinburg. clean up in tennessee after wildfires devour homes and businesses while cleaning up the debris at dollywood isaac mccord found a burned page from someone's bible. on it you could read a verse that said oh lord to you i cry for the fire devoured the pastures of the willedderness and flame burn all the trees of the field. a perfect reflection what happened in gatlinburg. the page appears to be from the first chapter of joel. matthew mcconaughey traded in his lincoln for a golf cart in the name of safety.
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university of texas golf cart. >> the student government posted this to facebook. he graduated in 1993. >> romona: that's pretty good. >> mark: street justice for prankster parking his $200,000 bmw and a frustrated driver came up and decided to you take it out and smashed it. i have no idea who t busted his windshield sending him a clear message. >> romona: what is wrong with people? you can't do that. a dayton couple. >> on their way to the wedding reception. >> romona: that dayton couple making the best of a bad situation. they were headed to their wedding reception when a five-car crash jammed up the highway for two hours. jeff and rebecca payne decided
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middle of the highway. a wedding photographer stuck in the traffic jam captured the moment. >> what are the chances of that. a wedding photographer was stuck. >> if you can't beat 'em, join them. >> business owners on the edge in north randall after a rash of smash and grabs. we will hear from one after the break. a comedian gets the boot from olive garden. we explain why coming up after the break. what the popular chain had to
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>> romona: our top story at 4:00 a north carolina district attorney says keith lamont scott was armed when police shot and killed him in september. scott's death sparked protests and added fuel to the national debate over the use of deadly force by police particularly against african-american men. >> we are learning more about
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preliminary autopsy report on the attacker a dual razak artan he had gunshot wounds to his head and chest. >> a rash of burglaries have business owners on edge. they are sophisticated and quick. >> reporter paul orlousky found a business hit twice at a huge emotional and monetary cost. >> it is about as simple as it a man walks up to the window and hurls a rock at it. that's the fist clue. he is left handed. he and a buddy jump to it and get to work filling pockets with expensive phones. they knew what they were looking for according to the store owner. no flip phones taken. they cherry pick the expensive ones. >> with less than a minute they were able to do what they wanted to do and take off. >> how much was the loss?
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it doesn't include damage to the window and display cases. >> try to do the same thing. thank god they were not able to come in and did the damage. >> another 600 out the window literally. >> smash and grab occurred a mile from the police station. the store is on a busy street. the attempt at midnight. >> with as fast as they operate a police cruiser was going by it is almost impossible to catch them frustration. >> i want more police on the road making the city feel safe and secure and not feeling for our life. >> the video clearly shows what happens. hoods hide their faces. they invited the mayor to come and see what happened and he told her they would. >> he didn't show up. she was heartbroken like most
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and likelihood of police patrols is unlikely. >> thank you. we analyze police response time in two incidents at cell tech. it took 12 minutes and response in the unsuccessful burglary >> jeff: all right, mark. thank you. >> cloudy sky. we are tracking a line of moderate to heavy rain to the west of downtown cleveland. let me show you the alert. we have the cold frontom through this evening. mainly light showers, though, this evening until 10:00. wet roadways in spots. here is that line. looks like the heaviest rain now is near the avon lake area and out over lake erie as this continues to move east approaching elyria now. lakewood 4:53 and downtown
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that's the front. we have the temperature drop on the other side of it. >> evening showers. the wind is picking up as this colder air comes in. tomorrow you are looking at a 20-degree drop in temperature from where we are right now and noticeably colder stuff begins tomorrow. >> won't be all snow or rain but will be a winter mix of showers and windy pattern setting up tomorrow. tomorrow night, friday and the day saturday. we are at 61 right now in cleveland. the high for the day. temperature in the 50s in sandusky and norwalk. down we go. 56 at 6:48 at 8:00 and light raindropping to the 40s there overnight. jason nicholas on facebook doing a facebook live right there.
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we are on facebook live g. tom jayce's page or cleveland 19 you will see us there. romona, over to you. >> romona: imagine you are at your neighborhood olive garden. that's what happens next surprised a lot of people. shanice dunning will have to explain it. this comedian's story of a dining disturbance is going viral. >> well, romona, it is getting attention because he is a popular c founder group and says a waitress refused to serve him and friends because he is black. olive garden says that's not the reason he asked the group to leave and it played out on social media. >> i need back up sent here. we have customers who are getting i would say rowdy with our only female manager. >> reporter: an employee from parma olive garden called and said help was needed. a group of customers refused to
4:35 pm
random acts of kindness founder ricky smith was a customer and explained on twitter his side of the story. just asked to leave olive garden because we asked for a new server because our server said she didn't like serving blacks. told her we are not leaving and call the cops. an employee did. in a 911 call an employee detailed how the waitress refused to serve them when some customers didn't have i.d.'s. >> they were making sexual comments to our server and then the next thing was -- they got id'ed for alcohol and wanted to buy more alcohol and started to get racial and asked for a server who was white. >> individuals left on their own. as far as we were concerned this matter is closed. >> parma police captain told me
4:36 pm
after the call and explained customers were cooperative. >> there was no police report taken and no criminal charges pending and no investigation as far as our department is concerned. >> smith is active in the cleveland community through his organization ran done acts of kindness every day and seen here in an event hosted to reach out to those in need and we reached out for comment but didn't hear back. >> reporter: olive garden sent this statement our number one goal is environment for every one of our guests. we take this seriously and discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated in any of our restaurants. it is not confirmed any minors were with this group. some people in this group didn't have their i.d.'s. olive garden apologized personally to smith and suspended employees while they look into this incident. >> getting answers in parma,
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4:00. in time out you've got to see tom brady's son. he reviews his dad's play. what in the world was j.r. smith doing last night. tony and i will talk about it. >> mark: how natural are foods and drinks that claim to be. we look into that in a cleveland 19 health alert. >> romona: shopping can be satisfying. doing it on-line could be a real pain. we will explain still to come at 4:00. >> mark: a looksi 77 in and out of downtown cleveland. you can see the rain showers headed our way. look at that. a cloud deck. jeff tanchak and jason nicholas later on.
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>> romona: a lot of foods and drinks list natural flavors on the ingredient label. just how natural are they? not very registered dietician at the cleveland clinic. the item might have a natural compound from the food and can be altered in the lab and still called natural flavor. >> if you truly want natural flavor get it naturally. if you want a naturally flavored apple, blueberry or peach and have the fruits and you don't have to worry about how it is
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ingredient label be sure the fruit is listed. if you like flavored water try using an infuser water bottle and flavor the water naturally. >> mark: there you go. >> the obama administration says low income families spend twice as much than higher income families on diapers and the white house is stepping in connecting private companies and nonprofits to help families in need. danielle nottingham has the latest on the >> clara says the $75 a month she spends on diapers stretches her budget to the limit. >> my husband makes pretty good money. i make pretty good money and it still disappears. >> reporter: the white house estimates low income families spend 14% of salary on diapers. there's no federal aid for buying them and families often have limited internet access to find deals on-line or live far
4:42 pm
bulk. >> it is hard to go to your local grocery store and get a $5 pack of diapers. that's not realistic. >> she turned to to have a half price. they launched the diaper program in spring because 1 in 3 american families. the cuties are making diapers with a design and they are selling them organizations. >> and they plan 10 million diapers this year alone. and it needs more attention. >> many people don't know and many don't want to talk about it. >> diapers are a necessity for babies and their parents. >> reporter: danielle nottingham cbs news orange, california. >> mark: diapers are subject to sales tax in most states because they are considered a luxury item.
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romona and tony. >> romona: all right, tony mark schwab was here yesterday and we were talking about the greek freak. this is what schwaby had to say. >> he is not the next lebron and just put him down for the hall of fame. >> romona: people were saying the greek freak who plays with the milwaukee bucks is the next lebron james. schwaby of course disagreed. i watch this had guy for the first time l oh, my god. i was screaming in the newsroom. schwaby, he is having his way with the cavs and doing whatever he wants. >> he is a couple years in. how long did it take for lebron? he was the guy out of the gate. >> cavs didn't show up last night. they took the night off.
4:44 pm
>> tony: during a play he wanders over to tony and no one is there to guard them. >> romona: what was he thinking? >> they gave him multiple chances to explain what happened. >> can you take us through what happened with the play with jason terry? you ran off the court and hugged him and gave >> you know they were on the ball. >> the first half he ran off the court and hugged jason terry. >> i didn't even know i was in the game. >> tony: i didn't even know i was in the game. j.r. is great and personality is important for this team. he could have said listen, i messed up. >> we are on remote. people come by.
4:45 pm
>> you are kidding me. >> i have done so many remotes and you have never wandered off in the middle of a script to say hello to somebody. >> tom brady. every monday night on the radio broadcast jim gray has tom brady on and benny, his 6-year-old son crashed the party. listen to this. >> did you watch your daddy play? >> yeah. he was playing against t guys. i don't know what they are called. but they are very good. >> how did you think your dad did yesterday? >> great. he flipped his chest and he tripped, too. >> he sure did. he got tripped a few times. >> and he got even more hurt. >> more hurt. maybe you will tell us what's wrong with him. >> i don't know. he is like a donkey. >> in what way?
4:46 pm
>> tony: i want more benjamin brady. he may be the only guy in the nfl who gives an accurate injury update. >> romona: kids will say the darnedest things. you have to be careful what you say around them. >> tony: i will wander off. >> romona: give jr a break. >> stay in the game. >> benny should have told us what happened in deflategate. >> all right. we have more coming up at on cleveland 19 news. police are investigating two new carjackings in beachwood coming after a series of similar crimes in cleveland which you need to watch out for to stay safe. a violent case of vandalism caught on camera. the woman jumped on the roof of a car. people walked by and took pictures. no one called police. a new survey on your buying power.
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couples divide spending. see if you agree with the numbers, coming up at 5:00. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time to fall in love again with your
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>> romona: hopefully you didn't do too much damage to your wallet black friday and cyber monday. what about your wrists? did you know all tha shopping can actually be painful. americans set a record this week. monday was the biggest on-line shopping day ever in our history. so far this month we have spent almost $40 billion just through our computers, phones and tablets. and all that clicking and typing can come with another cost. >> patients are getting awakened in the middle of the night and their hand is tingling and feels funny and shake it like that.
4:51 pm
up if you are not using the computer properly. carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway at the base of your hand. overuse or misuse can cause swelling that narrows the tunnel and pinches your nerve. >> if the pad is down lower and more like so, that's a better ergonomic position than if you are typing like that. >> romona: the keyboard should be at or sligh your elbows. use a pad to help keep your wrists level and straight. if you lost strength in your hands and you have consistent tingling and numbness make a appointment with your doctor. >> if they suffer from early carpal tunnel symptoms it keeps their wrists straight. >> other options are steroid injections or anti-inflammatory
4:52 pm
minute outpatient procedure to relieve the pressure to stop nerve damage in getting worse and can't stop nerve damage from getting done. >> always watching and always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: cold front making its way right now. look at the change tomorrow. we were in the low 60s tomorrow. about 120 degrees colder. 41. it will be a windy day here. few showers and lake-effect rain east of cleveland that could mix with sleet and snow. pretty much any time here thursday night, friday, even into the day saturday. not enough for an alert. minor stuffer here. 40 friday. 39 on saturday. saturday night is dropping to 33. we have an alert sunday and it is a system bringing an afternoon and evening winter mix
4:53 pm
not looking at snow accumulation out of this guy over the weekend. monday, 45, mostly cloudy tuesday and cloudy 45 and look at the warm up in advance of the next big front that we will deal with. we could be around 60 this time of week. mark, romona, back to you. >> mark: ahead at 4:00 a pee wee police officer. >> romona: this 5-year-old is
4:54 pm
>> it's time for a little
4:55 pm
>> mark: hi, romona. >> what percentage of wives wish their husbands would hold their hands more? >> i would say 60%. >> 33%. terrible. >> oh. >> hold her hand.
4:56 pm
finally, meet a pint-sized kid with a personality.
4:57 pm
davis he likes to ride and rock a police officer's uniform. he drives to nursing homes and hands out flowers and hugs to people there. his mom told inside edition oliver doesn't have a police officer in his family but has been a fan for awhile. >> oliver has been to three nursing homes so far and his mom says they will definitely go to more. >> get up on the back tire and get the wheelie going. >> romona: he is the cutest. continues one family with a warning to anyone remodeling their home. they captured a thief on camera
4:58 pm
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting
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starts now. we believe he may have been inspired by isis. >> denise: the f.b.i. saying the suspect in the attack at osu may have been inspired by the islamic state but they need help piecing together exactly what happened. also new this afternon the preliminary autopsy report for the attacker abdul ali razak artan. >> chris: the medical examinersa gunshot wounds to his head and chest. mark? >> the attack was registered to artan's brother and trying to verify if artan posted rantings on the morning of the attack and too early to say if the rampage injuring 11 people was terrorism. so far they have done dozens of interviews with family and co-workers and others and want anyone who saw artan to report what he was doing so they could


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